Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An X-ray

Neat picture hunh?  You can see the LVAD and the pacemaker.  This is what Carlos' x-ray would look like :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Libby's post

I wish my dad had a heart right now we cant wait. I love my dad and he's funny but, we are hoping that he gets his heart on Father's Day or on the Fourth of July. Carlos my dad he helps me on my volley ball and im happy to have a dad like this. But a lot of kids don't have a funny, playful, and fun dad like this family. Some times before i go to bed, i always hope that my dad will get a heart real soon.I love my daddy the way he is because he's the best dad u could every had.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting Closer

We were at the Mayo on Friday for a check up and one of the transplant coordinators comes in.  She tells us that we need to start learning the meds for post-transplant as Carlos' time could be coming soon.  He's moving up on the list and they have already turned down a couple offers for him!  It's crazy to think that we are getting that close.

Then he had to be deactivated.  Our insurance switched and i finally got the new card so he has to be status 7 until transplant is pre-authorized with the new company.  :p. Shouldn't be much longer than by the end of this week.

Otherwise, Carlos continues to do well.  His weight is doing a slow creep upward but he isn't experiencing any heart failure symptoms so no one seems too concerned.  I'm a little paranoid as this has been a re-occuring theme in the past.