Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting Closer

We were at the Mayo on Friday for a check up and one of the transplant coordinators comes in.  She tells us that we need to start learning the meds for post-transplant as Carlos' time could be coming soon.  He's moving up on the list and they have already turned down a couple offers for him!  It's crazy to think that we are getting that close.

Then he had to be deactivated.  Our insurance switched and i finally got the new card so he has to be status 7 until transplant is pre-authorized with the new company.  :p. Shouldn't be much longer than by the end of this week.

Otherwise, Carlos continues to do well.  His weight is doing a slow creep upward but he isn't experiencing any heart failure symptoms so no one seems too concerned.  I'm a little paranoid as this has been a re-occuring theme in the past. 

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