Thursday, December 22, 2011

Coumadin Clinic

Carlos started taking Coumadin at Dr Steidley's recommendation a couple weeks ago.  They have really changed how they manage coumadin.  No more lab draws....just a finger stick to check his INR levels.  They are working on getting him into a therapeutic level, which is 2-3.  When Carlos was on coumadin the first couple years after he was diagnosed, he took large amounts of the medicine to get therapeutic.  I can remember them asking him at every visit if he was taking his medicine every day.  I think he ended up on a stable dosing of 7.5mg alternating with 10mg.

As of today he has an INR of 1.5 so they increased his dose to 5mg alternating with 7.5mg.  He gets it rechecked on the 30th.

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