Friday, December 9, 2011

Status Post Horrible Hospital/Doctor Experience

Carlos left the hospital in 2010 weighing in at 216 pounds....he had dropped 30 pounds in 8 days.

We were initially referred to the transplant program in Tucson but due to an insurance change, ended up at the Mayo Clinic in July 2010.  By this time, Carlos had rebounded a bit and was feeling better again.  The transplant eval was long and tedious.  It involved 5 days of testing, testing, and more testing.  For me, it was a lot of time spent sitting in waiting rooms :p  The transplant team decided that he was not sick enough to be placed on the waiting list.  His ejection fraction had increased to 10-15% and he was again tolerating that.  People were and continued to be amazed at how well compensated he is for how sick he is.  The team did make some recommendations regarding medication changes.  So we returned to the primary cardiologist with those recommendations....he did not inspire any more confidence in us - he couldn't remember Carlos' history.  We ended up switching to a new practice, which is where we are currently.

So life returned to normal again.

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  1. This not remembering a patients history is pretty sad! We get this all the time with Elizabeth!