Monday, January 30, 2012

Post Cath

Carlos had the cath this morning and as we suspected, he was admitted for further treatment.  I haven't talked to the doctor but he told Carlos that his pulmonary pressures had worsened and that he wanted to try intravenous medication to bring them down.  I guess he said if that didn't work they would try another medicine.  I don't know what meds but the nurse will tell me when she gets the orders.

They inserted a Swan-Ganz catheter to track his pulmonary pressures while they are playing around with these medicines.  So what's the first thing I do?  Start  I know what the catheter is but have no experience with them at all so I wanted to know what normal pulmonary pressures are so I can look at his monitor and see what's up :)

His pressures are only mildly elevated at rest (meaning right now while he is sleeping) .  When he stood up to get on the scale earlier and to pee, they went way high and set off alarms all over the place.  Nice.

He's in good spirits though for now.  I did prepare the kids last night that he may be admitted.  Libby always gets the most upset.  I thought they could visit tonight but unfortunately, they have a restriction of 12 and under.  So we will plan to skype with them tonight.  Thank god for technology!

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