Monday, June 3, 2013

Bad News But Not Really

We were told that discharge for tomorrow was a no go.  It's a bummer but not really disappointing as we both kinda didn't believe he would really get discharged.  We were prepared for that news.  Now they are saying Wednesday but we wouldn't hold our breath.  Instead, we will focus on Thursday or Friday.  Much better to get things handled than to go home and him get re-admitted.

He has not reached a therapeutic level for his prograf.  The goal is 8-12 I believe and he's just into the 5's today.  They keep upping the dose.  They said that different people metabolize differently and this is also common in men and black people.  They really need his levels to be stable before sending him home.

He had his first heart biopsy this morning.  No big deal as it's not much different from getting a plain old right heart cath.  Results from that tomorrow but they say rejection this early is very unlikely.

His arm looks much better today.  The IV vancomycin is doing the trick plus he's on the bactrim.  Using vanc for cellulitis is like killing an ant with a sledgehammer :p  Definitely on the mend although his white blood cell count remains elevated.  The blood cultures aren't growing anything though which is very good.  That means no blood infection.

His potassium level is on the high end of normal as a side effect of a couple of his meds so they are watching that closely as well.

Last creatinine from yesterday was 1.0 :)

He's in pretty good spirits as are the rest of us.  It's a lot easier to be positive than last time :)  He is gonna get to shower tomorrow - that's pretty exciting because it was such a production with the LVAD and he hasn't showered since May 23rd!  They tell us he can be in the pool at 8 weeks post-op.  He will have to be super careful with sun exposure since the meds can increase his risk for skin cancer among other things.

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