Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Today is discharge day and we are so excited!  It won't be until later today but we don't care :)

His prograf levels are therapeutic now after giving him extra prograf along with increasing his dose. 

His potassium is high so they started a couple new meds yesterday to decrease it.  He has to go home on a low potassium, diabetic, and heart healthy diet.  I wonder if they have a website for that combo of restrictions!  Fortunately the potassium and diabetic stuff is temporary.  It's looking like no need to check blood sugars at home but don't know about that for sure yet.

We are going to the transplant support group shortly and then the transplant coordinator will come by to do the discharge teaching and organize meds.  They supply him with a month worth of meds upon discharge and help him fill his pill box the first couple weeks. 

More later

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