Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Birthday and Cellulitis

Well, I texted Carlos to wish him a happy birthday when I woke up this morning.  The response I got was less than chipper.  Of course, I ask wtf is up?  He decides to be coy and says I'll tell you when you get here.  My stomach churns the entire drive to Mayo.

Unfortunately the arm Carlos has been having trouble with (numbness, pain, stiffness) now has cellulitis from the wrist to the armpit.  They started him on Vancomycin.  We saw an orthopedic surgeon as well.  He came to look at the arm and evaluate the nerve pain and numbness issues.  He said at this time, we would continue with current treatment.  If that didn't seem to be resolving the cellulitis and/or if the pain and numbness seemed to be worsening, he would order an MRI and consider surgical options.  We are very much hoping that will not be necessary.  His white blood cell count shot up to 15 so they did collect blood cultures and urine.

The only other less than positive news is that he still has not reached a therapeutic level for the prograf.  So they gave him diltiazem which helps the prograf to reach higher levels :-)   They have weaned the prednisone again.  He's done to 15mg twice a day.  He was on 25 a couple days ago.

He went to the third floor for cardiac rehab and rode an exercise bike for ten minutes.  I didn't go but I hear there's all kinds of cool stuff down there, like Dance Dance Revolution, etc.  They have a kitchen for patients to practice in as part of their occupational therapy.  Pretty cool.

We were very excited to learn his new ejection fraction is 65%!  That had us in awe.  His previous EF was 10%.  Dramatic difference and we are so thankful.

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