Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm Tired and Can't Think of a Post Title

Carlos had another great day.  More walking.  A little bit of very unmanly crying when seeing Stacy, the transplant coordinator we have always kinda favored.  A couple units of blood due to a drop in his hemoglobin (7.0, was previously steady at 7.2).  That's probably from all the blood they draw!

His creatinine is an amazing 0.7!  Haven't seen that in years!  I almost wonder if it was a lab error because it's a dramatic drop from 1.2 yesterday.  But he is still needing a little lasix to give his kidneys a boost to pee :)

He has now started on all the transplant meds since they started Valcyte today.  The meds are valcyte, diflucan, bactrim, cellcept, prograf, and prednisone.  He pretty much knows the names and what they are for.  Now he will start learning his doses, etc.  There will be a good bit of education over the next few days.

They are estimating discharge for mid next week.  We will hold out for early next week but not too stubborn about it.  We want to be safe of course.  But, me being a nurse, I worry about hospital infections.

He will have an echo tomorrow and I am excited to hear what his new ejection fraction is.  He'll have his first heart biopsy on Monday.  He will get that done every week for the first four weeks then every other week for awhile.

He starts inpatient cardiac rehab tomorrow :)

Someone from endocrinology came by but they are holding off on teaching him how to check his own blood sugars.  He has had very little need for insulin.  They are cutting the dose of prednisone down on Saturday so may not need any at all.  They said they will wait until early next week to teach if it's necessary.

We had visits from Kim and from an LVADer that we had previously only talked to online.  Pat is an amazing woman with an unbelievable story!  We really enjoyed meeting her and chatting.  Daja and Libby hung out at Jenny's house with her ten year old daughter.  They enjoyed themselves :)

I am just so tired by the end of the day.  I'm not sure but think it's a combination of my RA/fibro and the stress of everything going on.  The meals have been helping hugely - as many of you know, I don't like to cook and it's just one less thing to deal with.  Thanks everyone for your help!

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