Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Carlos got moved to 4w - woot!

He had a good day for the most part.  He was up pretty early so was sleepy by this afternoon.  He walked laps about 0530!  He had PT and is getting up and down from the chair much smoother and easier.  They shut off the dobutamine.  They use it to keep the new heart pumping as strong as possible then wean off it.  It also keeps the blood pressure up, which sometimes runs low secondary to the volume depletion.  His hemoglobin is chilling at about 7.2 (normal is 13-17).  Unfortunately, when he walked a second time, he experienced orthostatic hypotension, and wasn't feeling well.  They opted to give him some albumin and left the dobutamine off.  That seemed to help a bit.

He started prograf today.  They pulled the remaining chest tubes.  He has the PICC line and still has the pacing wires in but those haven't been used.  That's it!

We saw the nutritition lady to review dietary precautions and restrictions for transplant patients.  She also reviewed the diabetic diet which he will need to follow for awhile.  He did get a dose of insulin today, which I think was the first time since they stopped the insulin drip.  His sugar was 149.

His creatinine is 1.2 - wow!  Haven't seen that number in years!  He's still hanging onto fluid.  The arm with the clot is so swollen :p

Heading to bed - I'm beat!

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