Saturday, May 25, 2013

It Was a Good Day in Transplant Land

It was a good day.  Things are looking as they should.  When I walked in he was much more alert than yesterday.  I figured since he was a captive audience with no ability to grab the remote, I'd chatter away at him.  He responded with nods to questions and was just more engaged than your average unconscious patient :-)

He saw the PT and OT ladies.  They did some range of motion and he showed off.  They were asking if he had a cane or walker at home.  I looked at them like they were crazy.  I told them he had been going to the gym up until the day prior to The Call.  They were surprised.  I told them, we don't play around.  We've got a volleyball dynasty to grow!  We discussed any potential issues once he goes stairs, etc.  Fortunately our bedroom is on the first floor so he won't have any issues there.

They did start the thymoglobulin but at a much slower rate.  He tolerated that fine.  The plan was too extubate if he passed RT's tests once the med was done.  It took a little longer to make it happen and in fact, I thought the ICU intensivist was going to not order it.  But when I got back into the room he was off the vent with just a little oxygen nasal cannula, smiling at me :-).  Oh happy days.  I can always handle just about anything as long as he can talk to me.  Him being heavily sedated and on a vent are just not things I tolerate well.  Anyway, I didn't have to lay the smack down so all is 

So kidneys are improving with creatinine at 1.8  and good output.  Minimal drainage from the chest tubes.  They say those stay in an average of 3-5 days.  Still no need for the pacing wires and the dobutamine is being weaned down.  The epinephrine was shut off much earlier today and he has kept his blood pressure up.  He's been getting his anti-rejection and anti-infection meds by IV but tomorrow they will start transitioning to oral medication.  He will start to get up tomorrow and move around a bit as well.

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