Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Call

3:07pm. Carlos comes walking into the bedroom crying and hands me his cell phone.  The girls follow behind asking what's going on.  Two of the nurse transplant coordinators are on the phone and tell me they have a heart for Carlos.  I accuse them of playing a joke.  This really felt out of the blue for both of us.  We really had resigned ourselves to a two year wait and it's not been a year and a half yet. 

4:20. Arrive at Mayo to check in.

4:40  Someone finally checks him in.

4:55. We get to the room.  And stuff starts getting done.  Chest X-ray, bloodwork, etc. 

7:55 The chaplain comes in to chat.  That's disconcerting when you are waiting for open heart surgery.  We pray holding hands.  Then we burned some incense and chanted.  Haha.  We did pray though.

8:00 Kim's mother , who passed away 6-7 months ago, sent a message that all would be well and don't take the fentanyl (inside joke involving hallucinations and fentanyl).

8:45   I put the nurse through the third degree regarding surgery length of time, did the surgeons sleep today, etc.

8:50. Heidi arrives with supplies (Powerade, Xanax -lol, and food).  We are laughing our asses off. 

Latest info - he heads to preop at 1030 and surgery at 1130.  More to come....

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  1. your family has a front row in my thoughts tonight!