Monday, May 27, 2013

Can We Go Home Yet?

Carlos is doing great!  Yesterday he got up to the chair a couple times.  He was moved to a clear liquid diet.  They removed the Swan-Ganz catheter in his neck and replaced it with a PICC line. 

Today has been a little more exciting in terms of progress.  He walked three laps around the ICU pod.  I posted a picture on Facebook of that.  Libby video'd  the whole event with her Nintendo 3DS.  He's on solid food now although his appetite is still poor.  I reminded him about the need for protein for healing and strength.  They took out two of the four chest tubes.  I took Libby out for that as it can be pretty painful.  They removed the ladder catheter so now he's on his own to pee.  I'm sure he'll pee everywhere now :-)   He's off the insulin drip and has sliding scale insulin ordered if he needs it but his sugars have been good so far.  The prednisone can cause elevated blood sugars since it is a steroid.  Steroids are used to suppress the immune system so it doesn't attack the new heart.  He will stay on prednisone for about 9 months.  He's still on do but amine and some IV antibiotics.  They want to give him one more dose of thymoglobulin today.  They are considering more blood products as well.  Tomorrow, he will move to 4w. He had a small blood clot in his arm but it is superficial and they don't seem too concerned.

I'm disappointed to be missing the Mercury game today.  We had bought a Living Social deal to get box seats and photos on the court with the team afterwards.  I gave my ticket to Joy so Kim was talking Daja and Joy.  But Carlos, Libby, and I are gonna watch it here from his room :-)

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