Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We are stuck in the bar cave another day.  His kidney function isn't fantastic yet despite the creatinine dropping to 1.3.  He hasn't seen a normal creatinine level in a long, long time.  They gave him some IV lasix as he has some noticeable swelling, and not just in the arm with the blood clot.  His weight has gone up despite the fact that he continues to have decreased appetite.  The lasix worked well and he started producing a lot more :-)  

The appetite is slowly increasing.  He's working hard to get the protein in, which helps with healing.  He walked four laps this morning and is ambulating to the restroom without assistance, unless you count someone pushing the IV pole and carrying the chest tube drainage collector thing. 

Blood sugars remain in great control.  He's getting a third dose of the thymoglobulin.  They want to continue to hold off on the prograf  until his kidneys perk up a little more.

They took out the arterial line so now he only has a PICC line and the chest tubes.  He's doing very well!

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