Monday, March 5, 2012


Eleven. That's how many units of blood he has had so far. Getting plasma now because his INR keeps creeping up. Possibly he might have some sort of genetic blood weirdness that is causing his blood to be so all over the place. This morning, seems like the bleeding may have stopped. GoLytely fixed him. Woohoo. Who knew! I asked if we could go home now. They said no :p

I did open up the Take Them Meal calendar again so anyone is able and willing to help out, we are deeply appreciative!  Meals

There was a great debate between Kim and I about how the pronunciation of hematochezia.  I won.  Here's a link to how to pronounce it...pronounciation.  Remember Kim, it's not hemato-cheesyah.

Carlos wasn't quite as crabby as I thought he would be when I got here.  He's not cracking jokes either but has smiled a tiny bit.

Colonoscopy is at three this afternoon.

Libby's birthday is today.  She's 9-years-old.  She gets to go to Build-a-Bear today and we will have a little party tonight for her.  Carlos and I are giving her a gift certificate for a day with mom and day to include lunch, mani and pedi, and a little shopping. I posted a picture of her on Facebook :-)

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