Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life on the Outside

So we came home on the 28th, which was Tuesday. I'm not sure what I am going to do not having the nurse writing the date up on the whiteboard for me everyday!

Prior to discharge, we did our two outings and both went well. For our independent one, we went and saw Ghost Rider 2 which was OK. The first one was better :p. We came back to the hospital and were discharged.

After arriving home, I discovered I was running a temp and was really struggling with my asthma and breathing. Figures, after hanging out in a hospital for 30 days, I picked up the flu! Ugh, miserable. I did have a flu shot this year but oh well. It happens. It wasn't nearly as bad as the episode 3 or so years ago when I was late getting my shot. So yesterday, was like a black hole. I never left the bed other than to do Carlos's dressing change. And of course, now we have to worry and watch if carlos gets it :( Anyway, I'm feeling better today although headachy and mildly feverish now. But I can't complain, at least I don't have a tube coming out of my abdomen.
I told Carlos today, that he purrs like the cats now :-)

We went back back to the mayo for a follow-up appointment. They say Carlos is continuing to do really well. His nutritional markers are within normal limits. This is one of the criteria they look at for reactivating him on the list. When we go in on Monday, for the next appointment, they will have one of the surgeons take a peek at him and see if they can go ahead and reactivate him and at what status.

Emotionally, things have been pretty good. He struggled a bit this morning but perked up as we got moving :-)

Tomorrow's adventure is grocery shopping. I told him he could ride one of those electronic carts and maybe I wouldn't take a picture and post it on Facebook. Maybe. Lol


  1. Sorry to hear you don't feel well, Tiffany. I guess after all you've both been going through, your resistance is down and you became more susceptible! Here's hoping you'll feel better. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers. Carlos, keep up the good work. Hi to Mom! Love, Steve and Marilyn

  2. Just because you have a drivers license does not mean you are safe to drive one of those scooters. The last few months of my pregnancy with Elliot I used one a lot. Tyner started getting annoyed with me because I kept running into things! LOL