Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grumble Grumble

I'm warning you now. I'm feeling bitchy and crabby right now. Carlos is fine but he had passed what everyone assures him is old blood this morning. Because of that Dr Pujaro (surgeon) says he needs to stay in the ICU one more night. If anything is going to happen, it will be today or tonight. I'm like, what? Really? So, I'm just frustrated. Funny how this has done a 180. It took me weeks to convince them that he was declining, and I'm begging to get him out of here. Ugh. They won't even allow him off the unit for support group this afternoon. He feels fine, numbers look good ( his hemoglobin is 11.3), so let him do that. Ugh.

He walked this morning and went further than he has gone since this all began. He walked around our ICU pod twice then walked around the other to pods once each. While talking. And he wasn't short of breath. The nurse had the perfusionist come which was ridiculous. But it's hospital policy I guess. Even when I'm not working, I have frustrations to deal with regarding hospital policy.

Carver went home last night. Kind of feels weird to have him gone. Thanks carver, for coming and staying with us for so long. It has been a huge help!

OK, going to try and de-crab. Uh, perhaps that sounds bad. Going to try and get in a better mood. Would help if I was getting enough sleep.

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