Sunday, March 4, 2012

Running Through the Halls of the ICU Pulling My Hair Out

He's still bleeding.  Unit #9 of pRBCs running.  I'm tired of watching all the numbers and microanalyzing everything thing.  I'm driving myself nuts.  Looking for some peace.  May have to find it in a corporeal form.

They are reversing him completely now.  Trying to get his INR back to a normal person's completely.  Trying to wobble along that path between the lions and the f*cking pirahnas.   Argh.

Libby's birthday is tomorrow.


  1. I am SO sorry that all of this is happening. Ryanne and I love you and your crew. Please yell if you need ANYTHING.

  2. Sorry to hear that Carlos is back in the hospital, you have our continued prayers. I hope you will stay strong Tiff! Hi to Mom!

    Tiffany, please tell Libby Happy Birthday for us, We hope she will have a happy birthday!

    Love, Steve and Marilyn

  3. Beth, thanks for making me cry this early in the day geez!

    Marilyn and Steve - pray hard for Carlos to get the hell out of here! Thank you thank you thank you!