Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Life is Nice

Carlos was discharged on Monday, rather unexpectedly. We were told over the weekend that it would probably be later in the week as they wanted to watch him closely as they were increasing his coumadin. His INR on Monday was 1.69. We were both very ecstatic :-)

Yesterday, was very nice - we went grocery shopping and Carlos rode in one of those electronic shopping cart thingies. He even let me take a picture! And post on Facebook! So I did :-) Things went well. He did some walking from and to the car, without difficulty.

We went in for a check-up today and all his numbers look good. His INR was 2.2. So he's therapeutic! He was given the go ahead for showering - thank god. Imagine going 6 weeks without showering. :p. It sounds like we are still on track for me to go back to work April 1st. They feel like despite the complication he continues to do well.

We are hoping to sneak away for a weekend in Vegas before I head back to work but won't know about that for sure until the day before we want to go. Carlos should be starting rehab this week....waiting to hear from Banner Desert to schedule the first appointment. They will have him doing lots of cardio as well as weightlifting. Nutritionally, he's already where he needs to be. I guess he has to pass a 6 minute walk test in rehab for stamina then they will re-activate him on the list.

Took Carlos and Chris for haircuts or 'lowboy' fade. Whatever. They both look handsome :-)

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