Thursday, March 22, 2012

His INR is what???

Carlos had an appointment at Mayo today for a check-up.  His INR was 4.77!  Holy bleeding batman!  So he will hold the coumadin tonight and restart at half the dose tomorrow night with a recheck on the lab on Monday. His INR never did this before so I asked about it.  He had picked up about 5 pounds over the weekend that is slowly coming off and this may have caused liver congestion which is now improving....take a breath...which improves his liver's processing of medication.  But no bleeding from any orifices so it's all good.

They tweaked a couple other meds but nothing major.  His mean arterial pressure (MAP), which is all that is left of his blood pressure, is still trending to the higher side.  So they increased his carvedilol just a bit to try and get that down (it was 90).  That will help with his mildly tachy heart rate too.

We are opting not to go to Vegas this weekend due to financial constraints.  instead we are gonna do something local...not sure what yet, will figure it out later tonight.

Next appointment is Friday the 30th :)  Carlos starts cardiac rehab on Monday.  The only two things keeping him from being relisted are needs a follow-up colonoscopy, which will probably get scheduled in the first week or so of April, and being able to walk 1100 feet in 6 minutes in rehab.  I'm betting he can do that in the first session :D

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