Monday, March 5, 2012

That's Not Mayo Standard

Wanted to share an experience that was not consistent with the standard of nursing care we have come to expect here at the Mayo.

The nurse had another nurse, T, who was in orientation (I don't know if she was a new graduate or not - surprisingly, I didn't ask).  So T was doing a lot of care for Carlos under the supervision of the primary nure (and me of course).  She comes into his room with the gallon of golytely prep.  Here's the gist of the conversation I had with her...

Me:  Oh, there's your prep for your colonoscopy.
T:  Oh,no, he needs to drink this for a scan.
Me:  Um, you mean the colonoscopy?
T:  No, he's having a gi scan and they want him to drink this.
Me:  What kind of scan requires golytely prior?
T:  It's a nuclear medicine test that looks for bleeding. That's what is ordered.
Me:  He had that yesterday so why are they doing it again? And why would he have to drink that for it? He didn't yesterday.
T: I don't know. I can show you the order.
Me: No, I believe that it's ordered but that doesn't make sense.
T: I don't know. *she shows me the order* Oh, you're right he had that test yesterday.
Me: So perhaps you could find out what's going on and get some clarification because I'm pretty sure the golytely is for the colonoscopy.

Really? Not to T - I understand there's a learning curve and you are a newb. But 'I don't know' is never an acceptable response unless it's quickly followed by ' But let me find out' or get someone who does know to come talk to me.

For reals - Kim was my witness to this whole frustrating conversation. This is so not what I expect from the nurses here. Everyone has been very educated and knowledgeable in response to my endless questions. And if they weren't sure, they got a provider in the room or on the phone to answer me.

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