Saturday, March 3, 2012

Holy Batshit, Back to the Batcave

Carlos was only gone for a couple hours for the bleeding scan. They were able to locate the bleeding in the cecum.  They then decided to try and avoid the colonoscopy, and took him for an abdominal angiogram.  The hope was that they could find the specific artery that was bleeding and inject coils to block it off.  GI surgery is very risky for Carlos and they consider that a last resort.

Three hours went by before we finally got to see him and find out what happened....grrr.  They were successful in inserting 4 coils into the rapidly bleeding artery.  It fortunately was not a major artery.  They are keeping him in the batcave (ICU) until Monday to watch him closely.  They need to be sure the coils will work, otherwise surgery to remove that part of the intestine...ack!  The interventional radiologist seemed pretty confident according to Carlos.  He will continue to get blood products.  The count is currently 6 units of pRBCs and 3 units of plasma.  His last hemoglobin was 7.1 and his INR was 2.7.

So back to chilling in the batcave until Monday, flat on his back.  UGH!

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