Monday, February 20, 2012

Busy, Busy

Carlos has been doing well the last couple days.  He got a good night's sleep last night, probably the first in the 3+ weeks he's been here.

He's been working with PT and OT and doing well with that.  I'm hoping he will be strong enough to go to the transplant support group on Wednesday, even if he needs to ride some of the way in a wheelchair.

They just decreased the Primacor down to 0.1mcg.  Tomorrow, it sounds like they will shut it off.  Then no more IV pole!  Woohoo!  I've become jealous of the IV pole because it spends more time with Carlos than I do.  The LVAD controller gets to sleep with him....lucky it!  LOL

Carlos weighed in today at 88.5kg which, I will do the math for you, is 194.7 pounds!  He hasn't weighed anywhere near that in years.  However, some of that is the loss of muscle mass alongwith fluid.  He will get some back as he gets stronger.

His heart rate is settling back down, being where it was when he came in....about 105 beats per minute.No runs of Vtach or PVCs all the time.

I got checked off on the sterile dressing change today. It's like being in nursing school all over again! Although I wasn't nearly as nervous :-) We had another session on the LVAD. Tomorrow we will have that as well as someone who will come and do a session on the equipment with us...that will be a lot of hands on.

I went to Bath and Body today before coming. I wanted to get him some yummy smelling hand Sanitizer to keep on his tray and some hand lotion. I also got him a wallflower with some different scents to get his room smelling pretty :-) We are currently using the stress relief scent - eucalyptus spearmint.

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  1. Glad to hear that everything is moving along well. Give Carlos our love! My phone is acting up, so FedEx is supposed to be delivering a new one today. Hopefully, I will be back in WWF action soon!