Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So fabulous that they were able to close. But they did play around with some medications. They re-started his Nipride, started epinephrine, re-started a slow insulin drip. They are using a total of 9 IV pumps. Yes, you read that correctly....9.

Carlos is doing 'well'. I guess it depends on who you ask :p. I'm trying to be positive....it is wonderful that they were able to close but it definitely took a toll on him. They won't start trying to wean him off of sedation and the ventilator until tomorrow. I'm hoping he will start bouncing back faster after that. I scolded him before and after surgery - it helped I guess...lol. But he's throwing lots of PVCs and occasional short runs of NSVT.  It may be a low potassium level so that lab is pending.  If its low, he'll get a tenth pump :p


  1. I'm so happy things arew going well or better or as good as can be expected for Carlos. Praying it only continues to get better! I sure did miss seeing you today at Boojum :)

    1. What were you there for??? Annual? I'm so sorry I missed you!!!