Friday, February 10, 2012

More Good News

Carlos is finally getting his act together and listening to my lectures on behavior.  Maybe he figures it is the only way to shut me up -lol :)

So he did well through the night.  They decreased his oxygen on the vent to 50%.  The stopped the ativan and replaced it with precedex, which is a sedative also but makes it easier for the patient to wake up.  They added dobutamine  because he continues to have periods of ectopy and NSVT.  So they continue to titrate the medications.  He is getting another unit of pRBCs, as he likely will every day for awhile.   He's starting to diurese a bit more, which is good as he has gained 18 pounds since his admission....although 5 of it might be hanging out in his bowels :p They plan to work on that today.  The critical care doctor (one of several)

I guess he misbehaved a bit this morning but straightened his ass out by the time I got here.  I have some pictures to post but am having trouble uploading them on my tablet. I'll put them on Facebook. Possible extubation by tomorrow morning.

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