Monday, February 13, 2012

Things are Moving Fast Again...

But in a good way this time.

I got my tablet working again....I felt incredibly discombobulated without it so ran to the sprint store in the hopes they could help me out.  Fortunately this nice young man easily fixed me....I mean the

Omg, he is diuresing big time....he just had 600mls out in a 20 minute period.  Oh the things I get excited about!  I bet by morning he will have dropped at least another 6 pounds.  His kidneys are loving the blood flow!  His creatinine is down to 0.9.  He typically runs about 1.4 or so which is mild renal insuffiency.

They will be stopping the IV amiodarone tonight and switching to the oral version.  They also will stop the lasix drip and switch to a dose every 6 or 8 hours.  Tomorrow they will start weaning the dobutamine.

He's emotionally been all over the place. He read all the cards hanging on the wall. He was very emotional when the kids came to visit. He has been having periods of laughing and cutting up too although I have yet to witness those episodes :p

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