Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Husband Has Great Eyes

Yesterday, as the day went by, Carlos became more and more awake and alert.  He would even respond to questions.  By 8pm, it was decided to let him rest so they turned the sedation back up a bit (precedex).

Today I arrived about lunchtime to find him pretty alert but pretty unhappy about still having the tube in his throat.  He's trying to not be too frustrated but he can't communicate other than yes or no questions.  He's a little too weak to write anything.  We are hoping maybe he could come off the ventilator later today.  He has only one setting to decrease to be completely at wean settings.  They just turned it down a while ago.  They have to turn it down one more time then hopefully they can take it out.

There was a doctor before I got here that mentioned a pleural effusion, but there wasn't anything on this morning's x-ray.  They are going to recheck tomorrow's x-ray and if there is something, they would do a thoracentesis.

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