Saturday, February 4, 2012


Ok, so here's the catch-up.  I was so emotionally and physically tired last night I just couldn't get on here to write.

Carlos came through the surgery in good shape (as well as can be considering anyway).  He only got a LVAD so we are very very happy for that.  The down side is that although the right side of the heart is pumping  fine and he didn't need a pump temporary or otherwise for it, they still couldn't close his chest.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  His chest is open.  Due to bleeding and swelling, they decided to leave his chest open to avoid damage to his lungs.  It's covered with a special dressing to maintain sterility.  Because of that, they will keep him in a medically induced coma and on the ventilator.  He still had the balloon pump, although that should come out today - will know for sure when I go tonight to sit with him.  They said that they have to do this a little less than half the time.  The hope is that on Monday or Tuesday they will take him back to surgery to close him up.  Once that's done, he will hopefully be off the ventilator by the following day.

His parents are here now - they are visiting with him this afternoon.  I will update again once I see him tonight.

It's very difficult to see him like this.  I don't even mind all the machines (will get a picture tonight if I can) but not being able to touch or talk to him is really hard for me.  I miss him so much.

I so appreciate all that everyone is doing to help us out.  What sucks is that we will have to go through this again, when he gets a heart.

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