Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feeling Very Discouraged

He did not do well through the night....wasn't bad either, just not progressing as much as they would like.  That seems to be his theme.  He remains unstable as far as the right side of his heart not wanting to work very much.  There is also some concern about his neurological status.  He's not waking up even though they stopped the ativan over 24 hours ago and switched to the precedex.  The nurse just cut it in half on the dosing.  The interventionist team seems to be concerned about the heart issues and the neuro issues.  If he doesn't wake by this evening they will do a head CT again.  I had just talked to someone from the CV surgery team and they don't seem to be as concerned.  The PA said that this isn't that unusual.  Sometimes it takes 2-3 weeks to get off the vent!  I'm going to poke him with a sharp stick today because I'm feeling pissed off and discouraged.  More later.  Pray harder, send even more positive thoughts for him.  Cause I'm struggling.

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  1. we love you and said a family prayer for carlos and your family today. my little girls prayers work miracles!