Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Come On Up and Visit

Carlos is ready for visitors again.  In fact he would be very appreciative of visitors and the distraction from his back pain from being in the bed for 2 weeks!  That's his biggest complaint - his back.  Go figure.

We have him sitting upright with his bed in a chair position.  PT comes this afternoon to work with him.  I think he needs to get up and he really wants to.  Lots of pep talks.

He's on the lowest dose of dobutamine.  The only drips hanging are that, primacor, and heparin.  Everything else is now coming in pill room.  If you recall in the previous post, I had discussed how well he was diuresing.  In 24 hours, he lost another 12....yes, 12 pounds.  He may graduate tomorrow to the fourth floor!  Keeping our fingers crossed as there are no limits on visiting hours there.

If you want to come visit between now and his transfer to the 4th floor, please text me and I can help you decide on a time when you wouldn't have to wait. He also now has his cell phone.

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