Monday, February 6, 2012

Surgery, Gout, and Thank you

Carlos will be the second case tomorrow so he will go around 11 or 12.  I'm starting to feel very excited  as it is one step closer to him being awake.  I must admit, when they move him or suction him it causes him visible discomfort, this makes me feel reassured.  Response to painful stimulus is a sign of neurological intactness :)  It reminds me that he is still in there.  He will even try to open his eyes so I just hold his hand and talk to him.

The rheumatologist came by and gave him a shot of cortisone in his right ankle.  I don't remember if I previously mentioned this but he definitely has gout.  This was no big surprise to me as he has had a few episodes of random toe pain in the past.  When we manipulate that ankle for any reason, he makes major crabby expressions :p  They aren't going to let him take any other medicines for it until he can swallow pills.

I really want to thank everyone that has been helping us out through these tough times.  It really amazes me that so many people care enough to make these efforts. I am humbled by the awesome people I know. All the well wishes and positive thoughts are so enjoyable to read!

Just a reminder - no flowers but cards are welcome - I tape them up in his room :-)

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