Thursday, February 9, 2012

No Fabulous News Yet

I wish I had something really wonderful to say but I don't.  There is some progress being made but it's very slow going.  Last night they managed to get him off the nitric oxide so that's gone. But they had turned the oxygen on the ventilator up to 100% to offset that.  The plan was to then turn it down by 10% every hour if he tolerated it.  This morning he is on 70% so they weren't able to get it turned down as much as they would have liked to.

They started a new medication, called amiodarone during the night, to help with all the PVCs and NSVT runs.

They don't seem to be too concerned about his inability to come off the vent.  They just want him more stable before he comes off.  The nurse mentioned that he is experiencing a 'little' cardiogenic shock.  Only click the link to read about it if you are not faint of heart :p

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